JFKS Lacrosse

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Boys Division

Boys can play lacrosse at our club in one of three groups according to their size, skill level and age. Depending upon the age group, boys may or may not need to use equipment to play lacrosse. There are many events and social activities outside of the normal practice time to offer players the chance to better learn the game and have fun with each other while learning. Learn more about JFKS Boys Lacrosse.

Girls Division

Girls can play lacrosse at our club in one of several Girls groups depending upon their skill level. Older teenagers with significant experience have the chance to play in a cooperative team that includes the BLAX lacrosse club in Berlin. This old age group competes nationally for the championship tournament in June, while the younger age groups will compete locally within the Little Lax league. With a full staff of coaches, players receive the individual coaching attention they need to improve their skills. Learn more about the JFKS Girls Lacrosse.

Little Lax

Litte Lax is our league for competitive games at beginner and intermediate levels. The games are typically played on half fields with no equipment, and with 7 players per team. All competition with the Little Lax league is based locally, thus game days are community events and opportunities for social engagement amongst players and parents. Learn more about Little Lax.

Field Times

Click here for Field Times. This information is regularly updated based on changes due to limited visibility in winter or changes to training times.