JFKS Lacrosse

Boys Division

Boys can play lacrosse at our club in one of three groups according to their size, skill level and age. The Majors level is designed for teenagers and experienced lacrosse players. Mighties is our level for players from 10 to 12, while Minis is geared towards players from 5 to 10. Although age is a general guideline, it is not the decisive factor because players join the level that fits best for them.

We have full sets of equipment available to loan out to players at all three levels. In the oldest age group, lacrosse is a contact sport, so players use helmets, gloves and pads, in addition to lacrosse sticks. Of course, players are encouraged to use their own equipment if they wish.

We offer camps, practices, games and social activities for each levels. Games and other competitions are organized through our house league, Little Lax, as well as through tournaments and friendly matches. For teenage players we also offer the chance to participate in the German lacrosse league, DLaxV, which organizes matches in the fall and spring and a championship tournament in June.