JFKS Lacrosse

Little Lax

Litte Lax is our league for competitive games at beginner and intermediate levels. Games occur every two weeks during fall and spring. The levels are set according to players’ skill and size so that they compete against appropriate opponents. Generally players aged 5 to 10 years play in the Minis level, and players although age is not the deciding factor.

Games are designed to promote participation, learning and fun with rules adopted from elements of Womens’ Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse and Sixes Lacrosse. Players don’t need any equipment other than a mouth guard; sticks are provided by our club. No other equipment is worn. Games are often co-ed. Players learn the rules of lacrosse through game days because they are officiated by referees and regulated by scorers and timekeepers.

Players join houses that are headed by a staff of coaches and volunteers. Each game day, houses are grouped together to form teams. That way friends who are not in the same house will always get a chance to play together – and against each other! Houses collect points if their team wins and points are totaled throughout the season. The point leader at the end of the season is awarded the champion’s title.