JFKS Lacrosse

Join our Team

Great coaches are at the heart of our program. Our community encourages a collaborative approach that operates under positive coaching guidelines.

We offer opportunities to coach at all youth age groups and skill levels, for boys and girls. Coaching is open to youth players, coaches without a background in lacrosse and to anyone without experience.

We develop our coaches through structured training sessions and mentors. We host seminars and workshops to build and promote coaching and refereeing lacrosse in Germany. We are part of a Coaches Collective that seeks to share, develop and promote coaching knowledge in Germany. We have repositories of drills, activities, practice plans and curricula to develop our coaches, referees, captains and players.

Coaches receive honorariums and recognition for their efforts, which are the keystone for providing a fun and enriching experience.

We are always welcoming new coaches join our club, because we want to field a broad roster of coaches. We seek to have an appropriate ratio of coaches to player so that coaches are not over-burdened and players get the attention they deserve.